Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Early Finisher Task Cards!

Happy Holidays!

I'm popping in quickly to give you a peek at my Winter/Holiday Early Finisher Task Card Set Up!  I finished it tonight, and had to hang it up by the mantle and get all sorts of silly when I posted that they were "hung by the chimney with care."  It's late.  I'm tired.  Things get a little silly around here when 11  o'clock rolls around!

I even made a mini-set of some of my cards to give to a student in another class (who I consult with for enrichment services).  He put them in his early finisher binder with a new festive recording sheet.

Mini Task Cards!
You can download the free Winter Early Finisher Winter Work Log by clicking on the image and printing it!

Here is a look at the cards that I included on my Early Finisher Task Card display for the holidays!  There is even a freebie includes!

Christmas Carol Math & LA Task Cards
These are some of my students' favorites!  There are 8 task cards to go with several different beloved Christmas Carols, each with a few tasks for the students to complete.  They love, love, love these!

Holiday Fluency Task Cards
 I love using fluency task cards with my students.  I use them all throughout the year, so I thought it would be fun to change it up a little bit and throw in some Christmas ones!  I blogged about how I use my regular fluency task cards HERE.

Holiday Reading Skills Task Cards

Click here to view 
I have several sets of these reading skills task cards that we are going to be using for the next few weeks.  I left a few of each set out to use as early finisher assignments!  What's better than reviewing key reading skills with a holiday theme?

FREE Simile & Metaphor Task Cards!
My students ALWAYS need review on similes and metaphors, so these sweet cards were born!  I am offering them to you FREE as a little gift to you and your students.  Grab them now!

Winter Early Finisher Task Cards
 These cards are part of my Winter Early Finisher Task Card set.  The set includes 16 Writing Prompts, 16 Reading Skills Tasks, and 16 Math tasks.  All with a fun winter theme!

December Reading Skills Task Cards
These enrichment cards came from my December Reading Skills Task Cards set!  My students really enjoy completing these each month, and I love that it helps them review reading skills all the time.  Such fun!

You can download my title sign as well!  Just click on the image and print.

Thanks to Krista at Creative Clips for the adorable clip art!


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