Sunday, March 31, 2013

Compound Word Task Card Freebie

I spent my Easter afternoon whipping up a batch of. . .task cards!

Next week, with my 3rd grade RtI group, I am going to spend some time focusing on compound words.  On Monday, we are going to use Easter Eggs to review compound words (definitely not my own original idea...I've seen it several times on the Internet) and then some task cards as well!

Compound words shown up in second grade Common Core standards, but they seem to give my kids trouble.  Knowing common compound words is so crucial because it can really help the students with their fluency and automaticity.  Most often, students know the two words that make up a compound word, but they see a big word and have a hard time looking past it and then stumble when trying to read it.  So we are going to hit them hard this week!

We are going to start with the task cards on Monday.  I bought some awesome graphics from Ashley Hughes during her sale to make these task cards.  Each card has a graphic (like a horseshoe) of a compound word.  I am going to be putting them up on the document camera, and the students will identify the words.  Then, we put a word on each hand and clap them together to make the compound word.  I made a couple recording sheets for the cards, so I will also have them record them as we do them together.

Think you can use these with your students? Download them for FREE here!

Then, we are going to use our leftover Easter Eggs to practice compound words.  When I made these, I focused less on the object compound words (like birdhouse, cupcake, baseball, etc.) and more on other words like therefore, lifetime, somebody, etc.  that are a little bit more abstract.

I got super clever with this one and packed up a bag of goldfish to bring tomorrow.  Every time they get a match, they get a goldfish.  Get it? A goldfish!  It's a compound word!  (I considered bringing in a bag of jelly beans to give the kids if they got one wrong...since it's not a compound word, but every kid seems to make it one...but my hubby pointed out that I was just giving them incentive to get it wrong. True. Very true.)

The rest of the week we are going to focus on the words from this list of compound words.  I am going to be typing up some compound word stories for the kids to practice reading, which will also be free over at my teaching blog, Teaching With a Mountain View, so be on the lookout for those!


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